Happy 4th B-Day Gavin

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My crazy Gavin just turned four. He is growing up so fast. This year he was so excited for his birthday, everyday he would say "mom is it my birthday yet"? I finally showed him what day it was on the calendar so he could count down on his own. He just loved looking at the calendar everyday and saying "it almost my birthday".

Gavin really wanted a super mario party. You can not find anything super mario in the stores, and you have to pay a fortune online for anything so I decided to have his party at the gym I coach at. It turned out so fun. The kids jumped around like they were Mario and Lugi. Thanks to everyone who came, it was such a blast. Gavin we love you so much. You are so fun to be around and have such a fun personality. There is never a dull moment with you around, you always make me laugh and have such a great imagination. Here's to another year of fun adventures, and seeing you grow into such a big boy!!! LOVE YOU!!

Gavin and his peace sign

Boys will be Boys


Four years old

Who can jump through the hoop?

Is it my turn yet?

Ring around the Rosies