Surprise!!!! We are going to Disneyland!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have always wanted to go to Disneyland and now was my chance.  Our friends the Christensens told us they were planning a trip there and wanted us to go with them so we decided why not.  None of our kids new we were going until the morning that we left.  We had a little gift bag with Mickey Mouse Pictures all over them with a note telling them we were going.  Gavin and Olivia were speechless for a while and finally Gavin said "like right now, we are going to Disneyland right now".  They were so excited they started running all over to pack bags that I had already packed for them.  This vacation was so much fun.  It was fun just watching the kids on all of the rides and meeting all of the characters and getting there autographs.  Surprisingly all of the kids were super good.  Ashton even had a blast there.  He got to go on a lot of the rides with us and loved seeing most of the characters.  We all want to go back there again it was so much fun.  I had a hard time choosing which pictures to put on so there a quite a few, so enjoy!!!

                                               All of the kids waiting to get on the airplane.
                                                             Getting ready to take off.
 I love the coast, it was the kids first time seeing it, so even though it was chilly they still got in the water and enjoyed playing in the sand.

 Olivia loved meeting the princess'.  We had seen a few and she got a little sad and said " but mom I didn't get to see Belle".  When we walked around the corner there she was her favorite princess Belle.  He jaw dropped and she said "mom, it really is her, it's Belle!!!!"

                           I am not sure who is having more fun on the carousel, Burgess or Olivia??

 The one thing Gavin wanted to do was to be in the Jedi training.  He finally got his chance and was the first person picked to go up there.  As he was walking up he had the biggest grin on his face.  He looked over at me and gave me a big thumbs up. It was so fun watching him fight Darth Vader and learning how to use the light saber.  At the end they got a certificate for becoming a Padwon.  He now thinks that he is a real Jedi warrior, and that when they need help fighting Darth Vader again they will send the space craft to come and get him.

All about Ashton!! 1 years old

What is there not to say about this crazy little man?  Ashton is such a happy boy, he is always all smiles.  It's difficult to even get mad at him when he just looks at you with this crazy little grin of his.  He is growing up to fast.  He loves anything to do with balls, especially  a soccer ball he will kick it all over the house until either his brother or sister takes it from him.  He loves to work with his dad.  Whatever Burgess is working on or fixing Ashton is right there to help is daddy out.  We sure are lucky to have this little guy in our family, he brightens up all of us every day.  We sure love you Ashton.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins, and of course the kids wanted to carve ones that took forever. They turned out super cute though. Olivia didn't like cleaning it out, she decided that I did a better job. Gavin on the other hand loved it, he even did a good job cutting it out. So for Halloween day all I heard all day was is it time to go trick or treating???? When it was finally time they made out with a ton of candy. I'm really not complaining though, because I will most likely eat my fair share. Here is a look at our fun!!!