Halloween Fun

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween was so much fun this year. Gavin was finally old enough to know what was going on. He would walk right up to the doors knock and say trick or treat all by himself. He was the most handsome pirate around. When his basket started to get to heavy for him he refused to let anyone help him with it he just wanted more candy. At our ward carnival they had bob for apples. Gavin was watching all of the older kids bob, to see how it was done then he knelt down at the side of the pool held onto the sides and stuck his head right in no hands at all. He was such a pro, and came up with a good apple he was so proud of himself.

Olivia was a chicken, oh she was adorable. She never fussed about being in her costume. Of course she had no idea what was going on, but everyone thought she was so cute. Watching Gavin was so much fun for her, she would laugh at him every time he would run over to her in his pirate costume. She sure loves her older brother.