Here Kitty Kitty

Friday, June 27, 2008

We decided that Gavin needed a pet to keep him busy. Luckily this kitty is really good with Gavin and lets him carry her around. Wow this poor kitty sure takes a lot from him. I thought that getting a kitty was going to be like having another baby, but she is such a good kitty. She knows were her litter box is and how to use it, and all I do is leave water and food out for her and she is good to go. Having a pet has been so much fun!

Gotta love Daddy!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday in Rexburg was the air show. I was amazed at how many people were there. Luckily my mom lives right next to the golf course, so we parked at her house and walked less then a block to the park. It was like we had front row seats. Gavin loved all of the airplanes, we didn't have to entertain him at all. Burgess would stroll him around in his stroller up and down the path to get better views and some of the planes. Gavin loves to spend time with his dad. As soon as daddy is home Gavin never leaves his side. They enjoyed spending time with each other. Olivia and I sat and watch how much fun they had together. We sure love our dad and all he does for us.

We decided that we needed to get Gavin a helmet when he rides the quad and the motorcycle. We searched for a helmet that would fit him, and came across this Lightning McQueen Helmet. We thought that he wouldn't want to were it, but we told him that the rules are he can't have a ride unless he has his helmet on. His helmet went right on his head, and he ran right up to jump on. Burgess loves giving Gavin rides. My only fear is that since he is already addicted now, I am in big trouble once he can drive one all on his own.

Little bit of hard work

Monday, June 16, 2008

There was so much to do over the weekend. There was finally good weather that we could go outside and enjoy the sun. We have been meaning to buy a few trees to put in the yard and haven't got around to it until now. We bought three trees and planted two of them in the back yard and one out in the front, who knew trees could be so expensive. We had to load one on the quad to get it into the back yard, it was to heavy to carry the whole way. Gavin even helped plant the trees. The yard looks so much better. It gives us a tiny bit of shade.

Olivias Big Day

June 1st was a big day for our little Olivia. It was her blessing day! We had a lot of family that was able to come and spend this special day with us. Olivia just fits right into our family, she balances things out. She is such a calm baby, she just sits there and observes what is going on. Gavin on the other hand is always go go go. I sure love my family, we have so much fun together I couldn't ask for anything different!! Thanks to everyone who made this day so special for us. It really means a lot.