Road Trip

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The beginning of January we went to Arizona with my sister Lacie and her husband Max, and Max's sister Jessa and her husband Trent. They of course had tickets to fly and we got to enjoy the 13 hour road trip. I can't complain to much about the drive there since the kids did amazing. We only stopped twice for potty breaks once to eat lunch, and to look at a dam. The drive actually went by pretty quick.

We had so much fun though while we were there. The house we stayed at had a heated pool outside that we kept nice and warm. Gavin wanted to be in the pool all day every day. He even got brave enough to put on some goggles and look under the water. That is huge for Gavin since he hates getting water in his face and ears. I guess I just need to take him swimming more often. Olivia on the other hand wanted to get out after being in there for five minutes. Why couldn't she be like her cousin Bailee who was a water bug. The weather was so nice, it was about 72 the entire time. While back home it was in the negatives. We enjoyed just being able to lounge around and visiting with everyone. There were some fun bike trails that we went on, they led to a bunch of different parks that the kids loved.

One of the days there we went to the zoo. I have never been to a zoo that you could feed the giraffes. Gavin was a little scared to feed it at first, but Olivia didn't want anything to do with it. We were there for a good part of the day it was so much fun. There was this little cat that was just sitting in the corner of it's cage, and everyone was trying to get it to walk around. As soon as Olivia walked up to the window it ran over to her and started playing with her it was so cute. She played with it for about ten minutes. The cat was not happy when I took her away, it jumped up on the window and started pawing at it. It probably didn't help that Olivia was screaming Kitty while I was taking her out, she just loves cats.

We were not ready to go home, we could have stayed there another week instead of coming back to cold Idaho. Thanks Lacie and Max for such a fun vacation. We should definitely do it again.

On the drive home we drove past the hoover dam, to bad it was so dark you couldn't see much but it was still fun to look at. Then we drove by Las Vegas. I have never seen Vegas so it was probably better that we were driving at night. It was so fun to see it all lit up, maybe one of these times we will be able to stop. We stopped in St. George that night at a condo Burgess' parents were at. They following day we had lunch, and took it up to the red rocks with his parents. We had fun climbing on the red rocks and just getting out some energy before we got back in the car to finish the drive home.

Now that we are back we wish we could have the weather of Arizona. It is so cold right now and there is still snow. I think I am ready for summer to come. Sorry this was so long so thanks for reading. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had, so enjoy..

What to sleep with??

Gavin is such a silly boy. After we put him to bed he always is looking around his room for something to sleep with in his bed. Here are some of the crazy things he ends up finding. I can't find the picture of him wearing his big elephant slippers, but it was so cute. I can't wait to see what else he will come up.