Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday was such a nice day. So we took advantage of it and went with our fun friends and there kids to the pumpkin patch. The kids had a ton of fun finding just the right pumpkin. There was a straw maze that Gavin could not get enough of, I think he went through about 3 times. Surprisingly Olivia made it through the maze all on her own, I just followed behind her. When she ran into a dead end she would come running right past me to go another way. It was so fun to watch them both having so much fun. I sure love my kids!!!

Halloween Party

Every month one of our neighbors is in charge of throwing a neighborhood party. I got October, so of course it was a costume party for Halloween. It was so much fun. We ate lots of food and played lots of games including musical chairs. It was the funniest game to watch. Thanks to all of my neighbors and my sister Lacie for such a great night. We can't wait for next months party!!!