Thanksgiving Weekend

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We started out in Island Park visiting April's family. We just stayed inside, kept warm, played games, ate a lot of food, and of course, our annual Halo Tournament.

Gavin had a ton of fun walking around in the snow. I liked looking at his footprints in the snow.
For more pictures of Gavin in the snow, click here.

After the fun stay in Island Park, we headed down to Blackfoot to visit Burgess' family.


RicAnn said...

I can I tell you how freaking cute Gavin is!!! Lil' Boys are the best! I am so glad to hear you have a blog, its nice to be able to see what everyone is up to. It looks like you're doing great. We need to do better at keepin in touch :)

RicAnn Pacheco

bradbury trio said...

YEA!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO BLOG WORLD!! We're so happy that we get to peak in on you guys now!! That is so funny about Gavin and cornholio!! I'm still smiling....sounds like there's never a dull moment!! So stinkin cute!!
Till next time!

Bree said...

HEY!!! So happy you are blogging now! April--looking at those pics I totally forgot you were even pregnant! You are always so tiny! :) Gavin looks SOOO cute! He's so funny! Can't wait to see baby #2!