Island Park!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few friends and us decided it was time to have a trip with no kids. We rented a cabin in Island Park for three nights (Thanks Aaron). We went snow machining, sat in the hot tub, played lots of games, ate a ton of food, watch a few movies, and just enjoyed conversations. Our kids had a blast staying with Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Gavin said he played outside with Grandpa in the snow, and that he was a very good listener. I am glad they had fun.



Burgess and April

Ty, Burgess, Aaron, Kris

Pam, Kaylynn, April, Sara


taggdarci said...

I'm so sad we weren't able to go with you guys! We'll have to plan something this summer. Have we decided if we're going on a cruise or to a resort yet? I'm dying for some warm weather!! :o)

Lori Harris said...

What a great trip!! How fun to rent a cabin and go on snowmachines.

Bree said...

How fun!! What a great getaway...I could use one of those too! Maybe someday... :) Hope things are going great! We'll have to get together soon.

Michael & Wendy Mecham said...

Just wanted to invite you to our

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The Nick and Lacie Pearson Family said...

That was brave guys! I bet you had a blast! Good for you. How nice to have family close by that you can leave the kids with.