Summer Madness

Monday, August 2, 2010

It has been such a long time since I have posted. We have had such a busy summer. From birthdays, to reunions, to camp outs, oh and moving into our new home which we love. It's crazy how fast time flies. Here are a few pics of our life. I will try and post a little more often.


Bradbury Bunch said...

Don't you love busy summers??? What fun memories you're making!

Nick and I will be in Rexburg this coming Saturday till Aug 13th. Maybe we can plan a BBQ or get together at a park sometime with Blaine, Tess and the gang??? We would LOVE to see all the kiddos (and your new home if possible).

Please email me if you get a chance with your telephone number....

And continue having such a fun summer!! XOXO

Bree said...

HEEEEY!! It's been forever! Glad to see things are going well! Love your new house--so exciting! Hope we can get together when we come back in a few more weeks!