I don't feel so good

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My poor little Olivia is not feeling so good. She is always such a happy girl, it is so hard to really now when something is wrong. When she wouldn't smile and would scream when I put her down, I knew something was wrong. So off to the doctor we went. This is what we came home with. Good ole' nebulizer. She has to use this every 4 hours. She doesn't put up to much of a fight, so that is good. We hope she will get better soon. We sure love you Olivia!!!

Mom what is this?

Not this again!!

We finally got a smile from her, while resting with mom.


Amber said...

poor little thing. She's a doll, i hope she gets better! we need to go to lunch again soon!

Lori Harris said...

Poor Olivia, I hate it when kids are sick. Way to go Gavin, what a big boy!!

Annalee Taylor said...

oh man, poor thing. I hate when kids get sick, especially babies. I hope things are going better and she is doing well.