Prego Friends

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How many friends do you think can be pregnant all at once? Well I have 5 from high school including me. Then I have one from college, and I can't forget Lacie Pearson who lives in Arizona. That leaves the final count at seven. Wow that is amazing. I love to get together with the girls, it gives me time to get away and to catch up on all that is going on with my friends. As soon as all these little ones arrive, we can have one large play date with kids all around the same age. I just can't wait.

Tara, Stevie, April, KimJodie, Stevie, April, Kim
April, Tessa

April, Tessa


RicAnn said...

Look how cute you are!!! You and Tess have the cutest little bellies :) Maybe the next time around it can be all 3 of us! By the way Gavin is such a stud! Do you have names picked out yet?

Bradbury Trio said...

How did you girls manage to do this?? That would be so fun! I saw something on Oprah once, where 6 sisters were all pregnant at the same time! I would love that so you can be surrounded by understanding people!! I LOVE PREGO BELLIES!!! YOU ALL LOOK SO CUTE! The picture with you and Tessa is adorable...I wish I could pat those bellies right now!!